Commonwealth of Dominica Press Briefing

WHO's Update on Virus Variants

Dominica Coronavirus update

April 14-Dominica coronavirus update


The prime minister of Dominica said that, "At least five persons are known to have contracted the virus as a consequence of coming into contact,  in one way or the other, with one or the other, with one of the persons who was tested positive and who would have brought the virus from abroad."

The confirmed cases of on-island testing have brought Dominica to level three and certain necessary adjustments have to be made to avoid exposing the nation to the possibility and probability of additional imported cases.

The prime minister said that, “I wish to announce this evening that the Commonwealth of Dominica shall suspend all commercial air and sea access to all non-Dominicans effective Thursday the 26th day of March 2020 and to all travellers, including Dominican citizens and residents Saturday, the 28th of March 2020, This order relates to all commercial aircraft as well as non-essential, service-oriented, pleasure craft,” the Prime Minister stated. “The same order of March 28th applies to ships, boats and yachts not visiting Dominica for the express purpose of bringing in vitally-needed cargo and other supplies to Dominica. All air and sea arrivals must, henceforth, be granted permission to enter by the office of the Chief Medical Officer.”