General Cleaning And Disinfection Procedures

Furniture/Walls/Bathtubs and basins

  • Wipe thoroughly with a 1:99 solution of diluted household bleach (mix 1 part household bleach with 99 parts water).
  • For areas that are dirty, use a stronger solution of bleach at the ratio of 1:49.
  • Rinse or wipe dry as appropriate.

Mopping floors

  • Sweep litter before mopping.
  • Mop thoroughly with a 1:99 diluted household bleach solution.
  • For areas that are dirty, use a stronger 1:49 bleach solution.
  • Clean and mop dry.

Toilet bowls

  • To prevent the spread of 2019 nCoVs, it is very important to keep the toilet clean.
  •  Clean toilets at least once a day with a toilet brush and a solution of diluted household bleach (1 part bleach mixed with 99 parts water).
  • Flush.
  • When using the toilet, it is essential to observe hygienic practices:
  • Dispose of used toilet paper in the toilet bowl.
  • Before flushing, lower the toilet lid to prevent contaminated water from splashing out.
  •  Flush the toilet.
  • When flushing has stopped, raise the lid.
  • Wipe the rim, seat and lid with a cloth soaked in the diluted bleach solution.
  • Rinse clean with water.
  • Wipe dry.
  • Pour a teaspoon of diluted bleach solution into the toilet bowl.
  •  Wash hands thoroughly with liquid soap.
  • Dry hands with a disposable towel.

Drain outlets (Require daily cleaning)

  • Floor drains
  • Pour about half a liter of water down drain to ensure the air trap is not dry.
  •  Pour a teaspoonful of diluted bleach solution (1:99) down the drain
  • After 5 minutes, pour clean water down the drain.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, only use a diluted bleach solution to avoid damaging pipes and drains.

Points to Note

  • Clean and disinfect your home at least once a day.